Finally, yes finally

I wrote before that I am not interested to learn driving. It just wasn't in me. But now, more out of necessity, I tried to learn it bit by bit. I didn't have straight days lessons. I drove once when I went home from office, forgot for a week and so on.

I thought, I will never drive. I also thought, it would be easier if there was a way for me to steal the interest to drive from zealous drivers.

But finally, Karma had to leave for two weeks and I was left with this option: Drive now, or, never. I could have chosen to walk for 20 minutes and take a city bus. That would save the planet; maybe. But I thought, this time, why not dare? So I drove. And I'm glad, I reached my destination safely.

This isn't life's test to see if I would be promoted a grade up, or whether I have climbed a step up to heaven. But, I'm glad however, for, every small thing learned is useful.

Finally, yes, I'm driving. Don't tell the police though, that I haven't got a license yet.


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