Here's Freedom you've chosen

He never comes
His reason I don't know
But I wait, and I wait

Not the first time
Not even second
But I still wait

How long, I wonder
Yes, how long?
And would I still wait?

Oh no, there's no question
I've waited long
I'm scarred bad

I'm only human
I tried
And wait I can, no more

Goodbye honey
Separate ways is what you seek
Here's freedom you've chosen


Anonymous said…
Zhakpa la ko. Mem poks gi gaandilay yangcha mangim?
Kuenza said…
Aww jang ngar bey ga na nan gi. Hang gan deley sa. But my mind does work weird sometimes.
Anonymous said…
Godpa na meme gi sharang ngame bincha gi sa ko Mai mo otha chamka...nai yonma riksoi la aley chumey mawa..:p
Kuenza said…
Come, yonma aney mo ai sho? Don't ridicule me now.

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