I see DEATH in everything

I got the shock of my life this morning to read a mail from my friend. I thought friendship lasts. I thought it does not need any basis to build on. And though some call it normal, it is hard to believe that it crumbles just like it has a solid nature of breaking.

Do you believe there is something like saying goodbye to a friendship? I thought it lasts, just like the sun, the moon, the stars or whatever everlasting thing there is. I thought friendship just builds without needing any basis for it to stand on

Sometime, I wonder if something like luck doesn't go along with me. Neither does good fortune. You know, I have always been content with little things that give beauty in life. I thought they gave me more meaning than any other material things did. I thought I lived happy because of the meanings I saw in life, in friendship, in smiles and in the people I knew. But now, I wonder if there is death in everything. It will be hard for me to believe all these, but I guess that is how life goes on.


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