Have you ever gone out for shopping with girls? I am talking to men. You will realize how long you have to walk and how long you have to stand in one single shop to buy a thing. But I’m not like that – meaning, I don’t take long to buy something I like. The moment the attraction strikes, I have it in my hand before the mind alters. So…yes, it is lot simpler. I have not regretted this habit of mine so far.

We were six girls on a shopping spree in Green Hills (Philippines). I didn’t have anything in my mind to buy. But many wanted to buy corals and pearls. I was with them anyway and when I had bought some eight gifts, they had not bought one single coral. So I later sat near an escalator…that was the only place I could sit; every little space was a shop. So I waited. And I waited. I think I finally had them at my heels.

Finally when we were to have lunch, it was a dejected experience of not getting vegetarian food. But despite that, I think I put on weight.

And the next day we went there, I bought this pearl I’m wearing in the picture. That was the only one that caught my eyes. You might not like it but I do. My mother didn’t like it. She thought it didn’t look good on me. I think this is my only possession of girls’ Ornaments. I wear earrings. But they are huge rings that look odd in the eyes of my mother. I have this obsession for big, round earrings you know. But I hate having to worry about wearing it to my workplace. It is how things are here. You cannot simply say that you will be what you want to be. You irrevocably think of what your boss might think. Oh man, it kills me sometimes.

A revolt I am to such things, I can’t help. But oh yes, those pearls I was to talk about. Do you find it beautiful?


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