Love can’t leave you

I talk to a person I have never met before. Until this moment of necessity, I didn’t even know of his existence, leave alone knowing his name. Destiny has its way of giving you surprises when you least expect it – and it makes it all the more worthwhile.

I am tired. I expect people to be ungrateful and unwelcoming. I am in a new place and I am lost.  And yet, I greet a man who has waited for me all his life. It will sound strange when I say this, but believe me, I saw love in his eyes the first time I set my eyes on him and smiled as a way of greeting. Not only did I feel grateful for his enormous help, I was getting a tingly feeling inside me and this time, I didn’t even want to caution myself. I tell myself, that love is going to find me anywhere, and it didn’t matter who and where. And so, my heart has my will.

What caught me by surprise is the way we could open up so easily. I tell you, I am not the extrovert kind. I take time to open up to people and it is only after I know them well enough that I can talk. But with this man? There is no hesitation and during the moments of silence, there is no discomfort. Silence sometimes speaks the best. And if you don’t know if someone loves you, you must look him in the eye and you will see it there. It is also the way he looks at me that has me captured. It is like nothing in the world matters and nothing else could take away his attention from me.

Now, we, women do love attention, don’t we? I know this love will not take me anywhere because we have obligations that are more important than what we feel for each other, but I am glad that it found me.

Note* I have not written a love story in a long time, though I kind of made an announcement on my blog that love is going to find me and they should expect love stories from me. The music sets my mood on and travelling does well to me. I mean, when I am alone, away from my family, I delve deeper into thoughts and I find myself inspired enough to write. And so, here I am today, after a long time.
Maybe it is the age. I feel a little awkward to write about love now and I kind of left the story midway and I hope my readers will forgive me.


Rekha Monger said…
Simply beautiful. Why did you leave halfway? I want to read more. Love knows no boundaries and age, I believe.
Kuenza L said…
Thank you Rekha but I really started to feel awkward midway in the story and I discontinued. Let us see if I can return to continue.
Sangay Cholden said…
Nice to read your love story~

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