From 'inside the sleeping bag'

I have been so lazy for so long. I have been traveling, walking to different villages in Samtse. Right now I am in Gomtu. With the help from here and there, I managed to get accommodation for 16 people at the MD's mansion turned guest house. We were welcomed by our host, an electrical engineer at PCAL who my husband knows; I think I met him twice as well. We were given four rooms, with mattress and blankets as well. But our joy was short lived because I was called to inform that we will have to move downstairs where we will have to sleep in our sleeping bags. We were asked not to take even one mattress from the rooms that were previously given to us. It seemed a little strange but anyway, who are we to question? We were here under their favor. The reason was that they were having some monks as their guests. The mysterious monk guests didn't arrive that day, neither yesterday. I feel like it was a lie. While they showed their generosity and kindness, it was half hearted, it seems. And no matter how grateful I am, I feel kind of cheated or not welcomed enough. I get a feeling that I must meet the ADM who ordered this change in person and must let him know our unhappiness. 

In fact I met him very briefly last afternoon. When my host introduced him, all I could do was greet him because he was on the phone and though I waited enough close by, he had disappeared before I knew.

This is just a little unhappy feeling anyway. The gewog offices and people in the villages are so kind and they make us feel so happy. While we journey interviewing people on GNH, we see that education has only given formal qualifications and stripped off all basic human qualities and values. In a way, years of schooling is such a waste. 

Reporting this from my phone, inside the sleeping bag. I will write about the better experience soon. 


Rima Reyka said…
We can meet any type of people in this world Kuenza. Don't be surprised! Even it's inside the remote village or modern city. Just think positive la! Most important how you handle the situation no matter how they treat you :) Safe journey and hope to see you soon! ^^
Kuenza L said…
Thank you Rima. In the end I was of course grateful to them for giving us accommodation. It is difficult to get free accommodation for 16 people travelling with lots of luggage. I met with the administration head and thanked them with full heart when we left.

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