Aren’t they just dreams, mother?

I am a person who continuously dreams – this time, I don’t mean daydreaming or having a plan, or having a vision of sort that I want to achieve. This time I mean, I see continuous dreams in my sleep and they don’t spare me to sleep all that well. As I write this article, I just woke up from one such dream.

I have always had the habit of narrating my dream as soon as I woke up and my mother always told me not to because she said that I never dream any good dreams. I worry a lot about her. Why wouldn’t I? I am her daughter. I love her. And because of this love for her, I have kind of pledged to make sure that she isn’t unhappy. But because life is a suffering itself, I am sure there are many unkind circumstances that makes her sad. For all those kind of circumstances that might have caused her to be unhappy, for all the situations I might have made her feel uncared for, and if there were any moments that I must have appeared unworthy of being a daughter, I apologize to her. Because I am away from her, I worry more about her and I have started seeing her in my dreams almost every night and those dreams are not good. I think in a way, it is natural because I think I see those dreams because I worry. I just hope that dreams are just dreams.

My Amku, please be strong as you have always been. This Praleymo daughter of yours will be by your side soon and we will have time to laugh together. I know I am a mother now and I have a baby, but I will still hold you and rock you, I will still talk funny things, sing funny songs and I will still tell you my funny dreams. Yes mother, we will laugh together again, soon. I love you, Amku.


Dorji Nguldrub said…
Sorry to hear about your sad dreams...I pray for your mum well-being and happy live...and yeah your togetherness too...reflective reading and keep posting madam.

Thank you
Yeesi7 said…
This is really a sad and a sweet dream. I pray your dream to be false and everything to go the right way.
Kuenza said…
Thanks for your prayers. I'm told she is well but a daughter's worry cannot be stashed away -- I still worry about her.
Anonymous said…
Most of the children once they get job and start their own family tend to forget their parents. I am glad that you are not one of them. I am sure you will do great in whatever you do because you have the blessings of your mother always.
All the best in your studies!
Kuenza said…
Thanks Anon...I cannot forget her. We cannot forget a person who puts her life on us.

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