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I’m Not Giving Up Yet

Being an ICT Officer doesn’t help me at all. I have really begun to think that the ICT Officer probably is synonymous to a complaint box. Walk in the office and everyone has something to tell you – of something of their computer or internet not working. And I wish, I could sometime turn deaf. I thought today was the last day I would have to listen to so many complaints but it was not.

What makes things so worse is that, because my organization is small, I’m handicapped by not having anyone in the same field as me. Now, you will think how I cannot manage a small organization of 15 people. These 15 people are the most cyber savvy people I have ever seen. Because their work is to do with research, you bet what videos, audios and texts they download from varieties of websites. I’m glad their viruses don’t infect my laptop so much. I would have died, or resigned if they did.

And now, coming to being handicapped, we requested the MoF for budget to buy a fully equipped, up-to-date make of a server. And we did get it. But the problem is, I have never looked at so many disintegrated accessories of a machine at a time. And I was lost as to where to start. So I thought the best way was to call an expert and we did – finally. Say, after several months. Now, what did not satisfy me is that, the guy working on it made me doubt him a bit on his skill. And when, after three days of work, my internet did not work, I was killed with frustration. I could have really thrown my office-given laptop on the wall and relaxed in peace to see it shattered into pieces.

But of course, you know how the reality is. I can never pay office the amount of money that this laptop costs. And secondly, I cannot behave like that in front of my coworkers. Cursing beneath my breath, I had to make sure I did not give up. And yes, finally, finally, it worked. But I still couldn’t breathe fresh air. I did not relax. Because another thing is my boss gave me an urgent work and an application that requires to do that work did not function. And until it does, I don’t know if I’m going to relax.

Now, thinking of happiness at work, I don’t know if I’m happy. My work is challenging at times. But I’m happy internet has as many solutions as it gives problems. And I’m also happy that I can hope a day will come when I don’t have to take in all the complaints but sit on a chair and ask others for solution.



Anonymous said…
According to Kuenza, many of her relatives have been died by suffering from cander disease in Bhutan. And she is wondering why people have no knowledge from curing cancer disease before reaching to last stage which is incureable stage. Abosolutely cancer disease is dangerous to human life. Most of the common people do not know the main cause of caner to human being. One should controlled on own eating habits. If anyone suffer from sores or illness in body, one should consult to doctor in time so that it can be examined whether it is cancer or not.
I believe that people suffer from cancer due to drinking more alcohol, tobaco chewing, cigaratte smoking, having rotten cheese, rotten meat, rotten fruits, too much eating beatle nuts such as PAN-Prag, Dhoma etc. These things make ones blood impure causes as a cancer. It can be cured completely if examined right at the beginning of illenss. After spreading its virus or bacteria damages all over body parts. That is very difficult to kill the virus by medication.

(1). Mostly women suffer from cervical cancer and breast cancer. It is caused by multiple sexual activities and leaving genital areas uncleaned. Due to suffering from STD as well. Women's genital part should be kept always clean and dry by wearing clean and dry cloths as a inner cloth. Due to infection and forcibal sexual activities causes sores at cervical areas which will cause to suffer from cancer.

(2). Woman should keep up checking own breast time to time by seeing in the mirror and by prssing with finger whether it has formed any solid things in them. She should go to doctor to check up if found any solid thing in the breast. At the early stage by medicine it can be cured soonest.

Not only in Bhutan, there are many people who are dying from cancer in other parts of world as well. Nepal is also one of the countries in SAARC region where many people have been died from cancer.

A sensitizing programme should be brought to Bhutanese society so that it can be avoided to spend a lot of money to go to examine cancer disease in Kolkota in West Bengal from Bhutan. This is disease is very dangerous as well as cost involving, but it is not guaranteed for survival once a person is suffered from the disease.
So I suggest to Kuenza to campaign for controlling in eating habit and human behaviourable practices in the socity of Bhutan.
Karma Kuenga Nepal

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