Sangay’s Dream

Sangay Khandu is 20 and he was enrolled in school only this year. He is proud he is going to school. Ask him to sing and he gets lost in the melodious praise of Aum Jomo (their deity), after a little hesitation. As soon as I heard about this guy, I found my ears perked in more than mere interest to see him. I wanted to know what he dreams to be.
His parents separated soon after they gave birth to him. He grew up with his grandparents in a place called Kiliphu, which is two days walk from Merak. Though he thought life ought to be more than what he saw in his village, he never heard of school. But to his craving heart came an answer.
His uncle, (his father’s brother) who works as Merak BHU Caretaker brought him to Merak. And this year, he got himself enrolled in school. He does small business such as selling biscuits, maggi and wai wai to raise money for his schooling.
He proudly says he wants to become a doctor. You cannot laugh at his dream. If you are talking to him face to face, you will see he is serious and he means to achieve it. When I talked to his Principal, he told me that he is doing extremely well and now that the double promotion plan is put back in school, it will not really be impossible for him to achieve his dream. If he finishes two classes every year, he will be graduating at the age of 28. And talking about this, I can already see him a proud doctor. I know he can.
His grandmother lives with his step-father in Lhamoi Zhingkha and he has no contact with them. But, he has a caring uncle, very enthusiastic, who has more knowledge than a 100 year old man. And more than that, he is capable of taking care of himself. And he knows exactly what it takes to achieve a dream.


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