Leg Out!

I appreciate the energy men have. I really do. They carry heavier load, walk faster and they do have more stamina. As soon as they reach a new place, they make an acquaintance. It is just not in them to sit idle in a room. They will dump their load and walk out, visit a nearby shop, make friends with a female shopkeeper, or they just drink. And this character always keeps them spirited. 

The next day at the Kangpara: The tiredness was gone. My friends went to Kangpara Lower Secondary School. They told me that the inter-house sports competition was going on. That day, it was the girls’ football match. They asked me to come with them but I didn’t want to. I couldn’t help wonder at the change that has taken over me. I really did not realize I have grown so old. It is not that I wanted to act old. I could see that the interest in me and the interest in my friends were completely different. I marveled at the long way they have to go in life. They are kids, I said. I just couldn’t help notice that they still did not have anything to worry about. Maybe all these kids worry about is getting a job now. Some of them have books with them. All of them want to write the Royal Civil Service Common Examination. I know some of them will do quite well. 

Finally, after I have dreamed a long way, realized several things and debated about myself in my head for a long while, I walked to school. 

Inter-house women’s football competition

Our guys playing basket ball. I would like you to have a closer look at the basket court.


A closer look here will give you an idea of what the basket ball court is like. The basket ball court in my primary school was much better than this. I don’t know if at all you can bounce the ball on this ground.


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