Sinking in codes as I dream of the naughty ArrogantBuddha

I'm sitting in the class just now. It is tea break. I don't wanna take tea. I take more solids than liquids so I would better sit here and write what comes to my mind. I just read the article by ArrogantBuddha in I wonder why he is acting like a hungry old man who has remained virgin all his life. He seems to have been affected so much by the operation he had to undergo. No wonder, he started seeing all the nurses beautiful and he had to tell himself to behave.
A day before, he wrote about an encounter with a woman where taking control of himself was the biggest challenge he has faced so far.

I wonder what different works and what different thoughts people are undergoing right this moment. And how many people are really, really free? I am attending this 12 day training on PHP. I think this is the second time I really get to do what I should actually be doing: studying programming. Working finely with the syntax and codes of computer language. I sometime wish I could master it. But then, what would become of me if I do master it? And how different will my life become?

When I should be sitting inside a closed room, multiple computer screens glaring on my face, what I do is write several nonsensical articles. They do not serve big, but they make my day. I thus live, so closely living with present.


Anonymous said…
I wish your codes were not mixed up with the random thoughts. People think so much and anything we get in life is all from the thoughts of the people. I prefer thinking funny things when my time does not suit my mood. I laugh at those thoughts and unbelievably some thoughts are anti stressors of life.

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