International Women’s day

Karma bought me a kira as a gift on the women’s day. He has respected me as a wife, a woman, and as a friend. He has seen me as an equal to him, rather than as a woman who is inferior who must serve him. For this, I must say that I am lucky. 

I remember celebrating the women’s day in 2008 in Kolkata. My mother was sick and we were there, but we did find time to quietly celebrate it. As we ate lunch at a restaurant, we wrote letters to each other on the napkin paper. I still have them in my purse. I cherish such moments. I think such moments, piled one upon the other make my life. And yes, I have been lucky. A happy person at that. 

My friends tell me that I am lucky. They mean, they think I have been blessed to get someone understanding as my lifetime’s companion. I feel that way too. We do not have anything extraordinary to be marked that way. I am not an extraordinarily attractive woman who can keep her husband happy all the time; neither am I a woman who can serve her husband like a servant. But, I think what is important is that, husband and wife must be able to look each other in the eye, pass opinion, criticize if there is need, realize that they are equal and understand each other’s shortcomings and needs and preferences.

As I sit here and write this, I pray that those women in the world who are suppressed or ill treated by men find opportunity to prove their worth, stand on pavilion of equality and show the world that, women is as much a human being as man.


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