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Prayer for Swift Rebirth of Penor Rinpoche

You, the Penchen Vimalamitra, the jewel crest of 500 Pandits,
Have again demonstrated yet another reincarnation.
You are the matchless spreader of the essence of the dharma!
To you,  Pema Norbu, I supplicate!

And your reincarnation, the sublime Trulku,
Please compassionately care for us and re-appear swiftly!

Note: These four lines were composed by Penor Rinpoche II as long life prayer for his master Thupten Chokyi Langpo. But his master put Pema Norbu instead of his name and returned it to him, saying, "It should be your long life prayer and not mine." Thereafter, this four-line prayer has been adopted as a regular but shorter long life prayer of Penor Rinpoche and his successive incarnations.

On April 27, 2009, when Late H.H. Penor Rinpoche had just entered in the final meditative state, Khenpos and other authorities appealed H.H. Dungse Thinley Norbu Rinpoche to compose a Nyurjon Soldeb (swift-return prayer). The Rinpoche right away recited the above four lines and just made two-line addendum extempore, and instructed the mourners to chant it in the meantime and that he will be readying the longer one later.

[Translated by my friend]


sangay said…
I really like the prayer. There is a version with a very soft music as well. Thanks for posting it here. Just wish if there is an english translation.
Kuenza said…
Hi Sangay, I wonder if you would check the link again. I have put the translation that was translated by my friend. I hope this helps.

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