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Letter to L on her 25th Birthday (2007)

Friday, September 14, 2007

Dear L,

We must have written hundreds of letters to each other but it is a wonder that we have so much to share every time we meet and write. I’m glad some thoughts like the ones we share can be as profound as never-ending. I might not be able to give you the profoundest of riches but I sure have my fondest thoughts and wishes on your birthday.

I’m sorry that though we were together, the celebration wasn’t there. It just kinda became normal. I couldn’t have thrown a party for you last night but you should remember that I did think of it and had my wishes sent your way…even if it was in a dream. And I had it taken for granted that the big event was coming tonight.

I’m so happy that despite our standings in the society as women now, we still have the same smiles and laughter to share when we are together. I’m glad that we still see ourselves through the same thoughts and minds. I’m glad too, that we still are two friends trusted with the deepest of secrets. I don’t think many friends could so lightly talk to each other about matters deep as we share in such ease and comfort. I’m glad we could just hold our hands and smile that we are together. I could go on L…there are many things I should be glad for in having found you and having found many joys together.

There are times when I give in to the flaw of human gossip but I have never forgotten that we are friends and we share deeper understanding that surpasses this flaw. No matter if someone says something bad…we know it cannot kick us. We always have this strong gut of saying “Why not?” and that is what puts us on the ground.

I know we don’t have to lie under the stars and wish it would fall. We don’t have to sit in the sun and wish it would never set. We don’t have to sit on the beach and wish we could swim to the other side. I know that we have come to appreciate life as it is…as a series of birth and death; as a mixture of happiness and sorrow.

What more do we need to be happy? All it takes is life…and we have it.

L, I’m so glad we could still call you and say, hey, I need your help. I don’t wish we would never die but I wish we could forever be this way. It all depends on us and I guess it reassures that we are gonna be friends frenzied with the idea of laughing our hearts out.

L, my dear, a very happy birthday and may you have many, many happy returns of the day.

Warmest hugs,


ugyen said…
Truly a Remarkable L
Wow! That is a lovely letter! I wish someone wrote like this for MY 25th birthday!


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