I will be a beneficiary

I just read the following:

I can't contain my happiness right now. I feel like I am finally seeing better days coming my way. When I was expecting Dechen, my daughter who will be five years old in just four days, there was discussion of maternity leave being extended to four months from the existing three months. I looked forward to it with fervent hope, my expectation overriding the reality. And then, it didn't happen. 

But this time, I am going to be a beneficiary of the six months mandatory paid maternity leave and the six months flexi time. My baby could not have come to me at a better time. This makes me feel that he/she is lucky -- despite the Bhutanese's belief of the coming year not being the best one. I have never believed in it so much anyway--will the year we are born in determine who we become? I don't think it will. 

Anyway, I am not here to justify that my baby is going to be the lucky one despite his/her zodiac sign. I am here today to thank the government, policy makers and the stakeholders who had input in finally endorsing the extension of maternity leave. A working mother like me welcomes nothing better than this news. 


Kinga Choden said…
Wow! Congratulations for the doubly good news Kuenza...! When is the baby due?
Kuenza L said…
Thanks. Feb end. Got two months to go.
Rima Reyka said…
I'm happy with the news Kuenza! It's indeed crucial and precious, the time spent with the little one, especially when they are just newly born. I only had two months of maternity leave back then. So, hope everything goes well accordingly and enjoy the motherhood once again!

Love, Rima :)
Kuenza L said…
Thanks Rima. Already excited about the extended maternity leave. I am glad that I could now stay with the baby till he/she is one year old. I hope you are doing fine.
Chador Wangmo said…
Hey! that's good news! Congratualtions!

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