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This is a very spontaneous post. I don’t bother much about the different international days, but Passu shared a post on Bhutan not being included on google’s doodle – which then led me to watch doodle on International Mother’s Day. Watching it made me emotional, engulfed more by the gratitude for my mother – taking me back to the days when I was a little girl to now. Just like the video, a panoramic view took place in my brain, each moment taking hold of my emotions more strongly. There was never a moment I was ungrateful to my mother but because we are together now, there are frictions sometimes; we do not misunderstand each other, except that she is a bit too stubborn. She is a woman of steel. I understand that she lived her life doing all the planning and organizing of works: when summer neared, it was she who planned when the seeds should be sowed, when the field will be ploughed and how many and who will be the labourers. She did that not only for her own household, but for her son and daughter’s households. Though it meant walking two hours to reach their village, her neighbours were the workers, all the time. Despite this understanding, I often end up asking her not to do certain things. I feel that there is no need for her to worry about even cleaning the house and dumping the garbage.

I get overwhelmed to even think of describing her. I know I will not do justice to her by doing that. But in short, she is gentle, compassionate, and yet, competitive and strong. Her determination is what I wish I had inherited. She has never known laziness and she has not known procrastination in her life. She gets shocked that today’s children can sleep soundly and pile works all for tomorrow. How I wish I were like her in all this.

But I envy her more in how great a mother she is. She has loved all her children and yet, she has not pampered a single one of them. I get surprised that while she had to work so hard in the field, tend to the household chores, and organize every small thing at home, she had time for her children and she was always tireless to hear their needs.

I appreciate her better today because I am a mother. I am not even half as busy as she was and yet, I easily lose my patience when there is an unending demand from my daughter. By writing this, I know, I am not even describing 1/1000th of what she is to me, but this is to ease my own emotion at the moment. My dear mother, I love you. No matter how old, or how young, how frail or how strong we both are, I love you. Thank you for bringing me into this world and teaching me the bounty of love

Here is Google's doodle celebrating the International Mother's Day 2014


Anonymous said…
Hi kuenza,
What a beautiful expression of love for your mother! You must really have to be a wonderful person to have so much love for your mother.
Wish you a very happy belated Mother's Day!
Kuenza L said…
Hi Anon, I sure do. So must you, I am sure. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.
All Things Good said…
This is a beautiful post Kuenza L and one that everyone should be able to relate too. I was lucky enough to spend Mother's Day with my mother and thank every day she is alive.
Kuenza L said…
Thank you. I am glad that you were with your mother on the Mother's Day -- there is nothing more special.
Anonymous said…

I wish i have the capacity like yours to express my feelings. A wonderful article..
Kuenza L said…
Thank you Anon, but you don't know until you write.

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