Trok Trok Slippers

My daughter has always had some kind of craze for shoes. When she was a baby, she would play with shoes and slippers. When we were in the shops, she would try on the different shoes and would tell me that she wanted them. But she has never really asked for them like she did yesterday.

She has been putting on my slippers and she likes the ones that make the ‘trok trok’ noise on the floor. That is why we have the name for such sandals – trok trok slippers. I told her that I will buy her a pair of such slippers. After that, she clung on it and yesterday, she wanted it so badly that she wouldn’t even eat (she had not been having a good appetite too though). So as soon as her daddy was ready, we had to go to town. It was barely 9 a.m. We loitered around for sometime in the vegetable market and then went to Etho Metho Plaza. Luckily a shop that was just opening had such slippers. And she got them.

Oh boy, she was so happy! She put them on immediately and at home, she boasted it to everyone. When her grandma got home in the evening from the chorten, she showed them to her three times, until she acknowledged that they were good, and asked, ‘ama, haptur lepu la, ebi gi gawa?’ (Wow, it is really beautiful, who bought it for you?)

True to her words, she ate when we got back from town. She put them on and walked here and there – the more noise it made on the tiles, better she liked them. She kept a small table at the verandah and jumped several times. When I put a foot-mat to jump on, she didn’t want it. She wanted the ‘trok trok’ sound. And a few times, she even beat them on the floor with her hands, just for the sound. At night, when she went to bed, she kept them right next to the bed and started walking in them, ‘trok trok, trok trok’ again this morning. She sure is a girl! (Been reading a bit on the different genders, sexes, and the in-betweens these days).

She likes them so much that she doesn’t let her daddy touch them. She says, ‘men pa de le’ (you will spoil them). I am hoping she will not get spoilt in return – for complying to her needs. Hopefully, she will not have many things she wants with such craze.


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