It is Here and I Must Thank You

I don’t remember when was the last time I felt so euphoric and relieved to have achieved something. I probably did when I finished my engineering degree, but I don’t remember it now. This time, when I finished my masters in IT, I had a sense of relief run over me as if it was what I always wanted and I now had it in my grips for the rest of my life. I think the sense of achievement and relief is more today because I am a wife and a mother and the commitment and discipline required to shoulder the responsibility as a student more than tripled – and I am proud today for having made it without any major obstacle.

While I felt it like a big challenge in the beginning, I was happy that I could now sort out my time and priority and was surer about how much time I should dedicate to each of the obligations. My family received my first priority and I am glad that is how it was. They dedicatedly stood beside me and this is what they deserve. In fact, they deserve much more. And it is in fact sad that I can only thank them. But what better way than to genuinely feel the gratitude, right?

So as I stand here today, having achieved one important milestone in my life, I thank my husband and daughter from the bottom of my heart. Without them, it would have been impossible to even dream. I was sorry that he had to go through the troubles of looking after our five month old daughter who could be soothed only by breastfeeding for 8 hours at a time sometimes. But he has in his nature to do the things he does in the best way. And even when it came to parenting, he did it in the finest way. As I look back to 18 months before, I see them going for walks almost every day, our little daughter sometimes falling asleep in the pram, he singing lullaby and rhythmically soothing the gentle ears.

As a top undergraduate engineering student delivered the valedictory speech at the graduation ceremony and thanked his parents and friends, tears welled up in my eyes – my daughter and husband, the two most beautiful people in my life stood in my mind and I recollected all the days of sacrifices they had to make to suit my class schedules and assignment due dates. Without this flexibility and compromise, I would not be standing here today.

I think in life, what you achieve and how far you walk depend on your partner and his support. I am glad I have one who knows my heart and my ability, and believes in me. (Thank you Honey. You complete me.) Likewise, I promise that I will stand by you and our daughter throughout my life. 


Tshewang Rabgay said…
Helo Quenza,

Firstly I wanna congratulate you on successful completion of your study program.

When i read your post it reminded me of what i went through when i was studying overseas. I too graduated recently from an overseas study program and I know what it feels like to be graduating. We feel jubilant and a great sense of accomplishment.

It all came from hard work and sacrifices we made. For me, being away form our family and being struck by a strong pang of homesickness was the greatest challenge, that for the first few months I couldn't give my mind in the study program. At times i thought 'I shouldn't have come here'. But i had to endure it and get my mind focused on my studies. It was difficult. At the end, it all paid off.

Wish you a great life ahead.

Kuenza said…
Thank you. In my case, we didn't have to go through the emotional trauma of having to stay apart because the Australian High Commission approved their travel with me -- for the reason of importance of breastfeeding. Our daughter was just a little over 5 months then. But they had to endure the cold winter months, without friends and family to help them when I was attending the classes. Congratulations to you too for making it through despite the difficulties.
Tharchen said…
Congratulations Mme Kuenzang and to your lovely family!
Kuenza said…
Thanks Tharchen. Good luck to you in whatever you are planning to do.
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