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Finding happiness in breathing clean air

On the Descending Day of the Lord Buddha, I and my family went to Tandin Ney. On the way up, we saw a group of students sitting around in a circle in the beautiful meadow, eating snacks. From one of their mobiles came the modern music and they seemed to enjoy the environment, the song, and the friendship. When I see such scene, this nagging thought of how they might dispose their waste weigh me down. And that morning too, I wondered about it till I saw what they had done with their waste on my way back home. The wai wai and lay’s cover lay on the beautiful meadow on which they sat. They seemed to plead us to take them with us and so we did. 
I stay in a crowded area in Changzamtok where the urban planning hasn’t really laid eyes on. On the half a kilometer long rough road breeds the filthiest smell. God knows how many times I have wished that a city corporation or any other concerned organization would at least blacktop this stretch of road, which to me appears like not a costly activity. In the hope of teaching the people in this community a lesson of having a clean environment, I organized cleaning campaigns but that hasn’t helped much. I think it is true that most people get the feeling that, there is someone who will clean up their waste—which is a totally negative attitude.
And I wish the doma eaters had at least the common sense and uneasiness of splattering their doma spit on the clean steps in a building. I wonder what feeling they get on splattering red doma spit on the otherwise clean step. 
It is not so much how much waste you produce; it is how you dispose them. Think of living in a smoky, thick environment where you have this crunchy feeling of being smashed over by something really heavy. I don’t know if you would enjoy that, but I feel there isn’t any greater feeling of joy than sipping a hot mug of tea, watching the clean environment around you, and breathing in fresh air. 
The method of waste disposal is one of the indicators in Ecological Diversity and Resilience domain of GNH.


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