Finding joy in talking to friends

I don’t know when I changed from being a quiet, speculative person. The most I did was talk to myself through words in my diary. But that changed as I started going to college. I was marked as a talkative person by some people as soon as I met them. 

A week back, I sat down in my room and went through the greeting cards and letters I received from my friends over the years. I couldn’t help feel grateful that I had them to fill my days with joys. Even if my friends were not with me, they wrote me letters; sent me greeting cards; remembered me on my birthday; and wished me during my exams, not completely forgetting me because there was huge distance in-between. I used to exchange similar notes with even those friends I had in the same college, living in the same hostel. This always brought us closer, creating more joy and happiness, and harmony and understanding between us. 

Life without friends would be totally hollow—like the sky without stars. Even now, though I have been in job for four years, I still meet my friends more than twice a week. We meet at each other’s houses, cook dinner, talk and then go home refreshed for the next day’s work. We aren’t trying to forget our duties but it gives us time to share whatever new things we have learned, woes, or even secrets, which helps keep our heart calm. 

Socializing with friends may mean different things to different people. It may mean meeting friends and having quiet dinners; meeting friends and going out for movie; meeting friends and going out for a dance party. I think it is a healthy habit to meet friends, talk out your heart and go home with a happy heart. However, like the age old saying, “Too much of anything is not good.” So we have to have a balance of everything—even socializing with friends. We cannot always hang out with friends and forget our home and responsibilities. But bring balance between the two and you will be a much happier person.

Socializing with Friends is one of the indicators under Community Vitality Domain of GNH.


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