Maybe I’m living my dream

We have hired 42 graduate enumerators for GNH Survey. We are soon going to the field. Right now, before anything else, we are training them. I don’t want to say that I lose confidence in our education system. But of course, sometimes, it is so hard not to lose heart to see that our graduates do not understand what dzongkha word is for constitution.
But right now, what I’m enjoying is standing in front of them and giving them training on the survey questionnaire. I don’t mean that I feel proud to stand in front of them but I do enjoy teaching…whatever it is. But of course, I am too lazy or have no time to teach my nephew. This guilt is going to haunt me forever I know. Luckily this time, my nephew did quite well and so he is now studying in 11 Science in Yangchenphug HSS. But if he isn’t making into higher studies year after next, I’m sure I will hit my head on the wall for being lazy or acting too busy.

What I’m excited about again is that, soon we are hitting the road into going for the survey. This time, the survey sample is going to 10,000 and we are covering all the 20 dzongkhags. Coming from a rural area, I have always remained a rural woman. I like going to villages, talking to those young women of villages, those natural beauties and I like talking to the old men and women who have thousand of age old stories. How I wish my head functioned like a memory chip. 

This tour is not like any other tour. We aren’t going to visit different villages and have nothing to enrich our experience. Simply because our questionnaire covers all aspects of our life we are not only going to know what our people need, we will also know what our people think of the different many systems in the government. 

Note: This is already the second week of training.


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