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The Absolute Eluding

I believed that I was happy. That there was no reason why I shouldn't be unhappy. But I think I was lying in some ways to myself. I now find that we can never actually be happy. Not in absolute sense. I always felt a little dissatisfied: no matter what I did. I felt like I was always on a search for something and it was getting further away from me. I thought I didn't know what I really wanted to be or what I really wanted to do. Those were moments when I was most unhappy with myself. I would reason that I had everything but I think I always was missing something. I haven't caught hold of it yet but I think I am clearer now about the kind of path I might want to follow. And though, that is not even a work half begun, I know that is a beginning. And I am more deteremined than ever that I will never be anything more but a good human. I need not achieve anything much except little joys from having done something for someone.


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My Home is no more

My parents worked so hard to first get a land where they could farm. Then they worked so hard to build a house of their own. Their hard work paid. They made a name for themselves. They built two houses; more if we are to count the houses they help build for their children. But for what?

We could argue that if they did not work that hard, their children -- my siblings and I could be doing something different, and earning our living in a different way. They worked hard--all for us. They taught us humility. One thing that rings in my mind still to this day is that, we are humble people and we should always remain humble. I could say we have lived it.

What hit me hard was this picture that my eldest brother sent me from my village:

I cannot believe that the place that I called home and the place that lives in me has become like this. I had to look at this picture again and again -- closely. The landscape itself looks changed and it is nothing like I remember from my childhood. Our home, t…

Dechen in K2

Dechen was in K2, Kuensel on August 2, where daycare centres and early childhood development was covered. I just thought putting about it here would help me keep record about it.

So bogged down to add anything more at the moment. I can only say that I am a proud mother.